The Abortion Debate

Social media has been inundated with protests over new, strict abortion laws. Several states have adopted new laws making abortion almost impossible. This was in reaction to the new law in New York that allows for abortion up until birth and the comments from Virginia law makers that babies born alive during an abortion should be left to die.

Some of the arguments from the pro-choice side are creative but flawed. I have seen several different posts that boil down to “men have no right to make laws regarding a woman’s body.” Following that logic, shouldn’t Roe vs Wade be overturned immediately? It was made law by seven male justices. The real reply to this argument is that the US has a representative form of government. Our legislators are elected by the people, men and women, to represent them in congress. Being male or female doesn’t qualify or disqualify someone from making laws. If a constituent doesn’t like the way their representative is legislating, they can use their vote to make changes.

One of the most disturbing protest was a meme saying, “an 11-year-old cannot buy a mature-rated video game (and other things) but will be forced to carry and give birth to a baby.” Somehow, they don’t understand that having an 11-year-old go through an abortion will be traumatizing. For an 11-year-old to be pregnant, I assume there was trauma involved. It would be a cruel mistake to add another trauma to a young girl. I’m sure the proponents don’t think abortion is traumatic, but that is not the reality. Counseling centers are full of women trying to deal with the fact they killed their baby. For some, it is a life-long struggle. Yes, having a child carry that baby to term and give birth will not be easy, but it is not a permanent situation, and there would be plenty of support for that 11-year-old. Pro-choice advocates assume that a young girl in a crisis pregnancy has no support. Again, that is just not the case. If her family can’t be supportive, there are so many others who would be: Crisis Pregnancy Centers, churches, counseling centers, not to mention adoptive families.

“I’m not pro-abortion, but it’s none of my business what other women do with their bodies.” The problem here is that the baby is in the woman’s body and needs her body to survive, but it is a separate person, with its own body. So, what these people are actually saying is they would not interfere with a mother killing her baby. Would these same people turn a blind eye to a mother abusing her child? I’ve seen the news reports of infants who were killed by their parents, and they bring outrage from the public. What’s the difference between a newborn and an unborn baby? The answer is a few seconds and a few inches. My youngest grandchild was born seven weeks premature. It is now legal in New York for a mother to abort a baby that age. My grandchild needed a few weeks of NICU care. Would she have survived without the NICU? I don’t know. But that is exactly what the governor of Virginia says is OK – give the baby no treatment and let it die. Unbelievable! How did our country get to this point where we think it is okay to kill the most innocent and vulnerable among us, and otherwise rational people say, “It’s none of my business?”

What makes a baby alive? The protestors would have us believe an unborn baby is not a baby unless it is wanted. That’s ridiculous. As I read these posts, I remember sitting with friends and family members who have lost babies – not a potential baby, an actual baby. Their grief is real. Some of them lost older babies—their pregnancies were in the third trimester. Those poor women went through labor and delivered their deceased babies. It was tragic and heart breaking. But others lost babies at eight weeks gestation. The families still lost their baby—not their clump of cells, not a part of their body. And their grief was just as real as those who could hold their babies and say goodbye.

I was an unwanted baby. It didn’t change the fact that I was a baby – a life that had value, not just a heartbeat. I am so thankful my mother delivered me and gave me up for adoption. I’m sure it was hard. From what I have learned of her circumstances, I think, had abortion been legal, she would have chosen to end my life. It would have been easier and “better” for her. But she didn’t have that choice. Thank God! A combination of my birth mother, the hospital staff, foster care, and adoptive parents gave me the ability to live. Failure of any of them to care for me, from the time I had a heartbeat, would have resulted in my death. It is the business of all of us to do all we can to protect children at every stage of their lives.

Jesus said this about children and those who harm them: “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6 NIV)

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