“I am so excited to see that Lisa is allowing God to use her difficult experiences to reach out to others.
I have been involved with the Seeing Eye, where they train dogs to guide blind people, and as a graduate of the The Seeing Eye have on many occasions shared the podium or stage with Lisa. She was always engaging, clear, often utilizing humor to keep the interest and focus of the audience.
I know that she will be used by our Lord to help others to come to grips with any similar or shared experiences. Lisa will be able to show how God can heal, comfort, and rebuild broken lives, no matter what the experience.
Perhaps, most importantly, how the Holy Spirit can bring real forgiveness into the lives of victims and abusers, tuff as that is to envision.
My humble prayers and best wishes go with Lisa, and to all that she may encounter, and that the healing will be real!”
John D. Hollenbach, Mayor
Perkasie Borough, PA

“We at Pinebrook Bible Conference recommend Lisa Radcliff as a speaker for a Bible Retreat type of speaking engagement. She has spoken during at least one of our Ladies’ Retreats in the past and was well received by the guests and received great feedback for the personal experiences and teaching she shared. We give her a great recommendation to be used at any future retreats at Pinebrook Bible Conference & Retreat Center and any other gathering of the Retreat speaking kind anywhere she is asked.”
Thanks for considering this recommendation.
Charlie Bomgardner
Director of Marketing
Pinebrook Bible Conference & Retreat Center

Reviewed By Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite
Hidden with Christ: Breaking Free from the Grip of Your Past by Lisa J. Radcliff is another interesting book I have read about inner freedom and emotional health this year, a story that follows one woman’s experience of childhood abuse and her journey towards real freedom in Jesus Christ. In this book, the author chronicles her pain and deception from the abuses by some persons in her life, but curiously, this isn’t a story of despair, or a cry in the dark. It is a story of hope and ultimate redemption in Christ, and readers will understand how the author writes about the the healing love and inscrutable ways of God.

Lisa J. Radcliff’s book carries a very powerful and life-altering message — our past does not determine who we are, and no matter how much we have been abused and hurt, we can always find redemption in the love of God. The book is written in a friendly manner and the author’s voice comes across as honest, in a ruthless kind of way. It is hard to read this book without feeling a deep sense of compassion for the author, but readers will feel inspired and encouraged to walk past their hurts and embrace the life that lies before them. I enjoyed the conversational tone of the writing and the insightful messages. Hidden with Christ: Breaking Free from the Grip of Your Past is a wonderful gift of faith, a gift that will help readers rediscover their past and break free from the prisons of that past. A very inspiring read!


Heather in VA writes – Lisa! It was so great meeting you this week! I am a quarter of the way through your book and already have been challenged and feel like I am being discipled by you! Thank you for being so real and for letting the Lord lead you to write this! Please pray for my brother. He is struggling with the death of our grandfather, the sexual abuse of our sister, and he is on the other side of the country where he lives. I shared with him a quote from your book and the next text I got was that he bought your book and was reading it! I have been praying specifically for his heart to be softened over this last year and am praying now as he is reading. Thanks again! I am going to add your book to the resource list we are compiling at our church for survivors.