Foam Glow, Bubbles, and Color Bombs??

What in the world is a Foam Glow 5K? Whatever it is, it shared space in my inbox today with a Blacklight Run, Bubble Run, and Terrain Race. Clearly, they are all 5K races with some crazy twist that the organizers hope will get me to sign up. I mean who doesn’t want to run through massive amounts of bubbles? Maybe they should combine the foam glow and blacklight runs. That could be cool. Real runners might think this kind of gimmicky running is stupid. But people like me need a reason to run—something other than being chased by an ax murderer.

I’ve never done a 5K that was a straight road race, running for the sake of running. I need the gimmick, something to make it fun. I won’t run if there’s no fun involved, and I question the mental health of those who do. So, I’ve done color runs and mud runs, had fun, and even brought home medals. The best part was doing them with friends. You hardly realize you’re running when you’re giggling with friends and helping each other conquer obstacles. If you go it alone, who will tell you there is a clean spot on your back that is begging for a purple color bomb? We didn’t care about technique or bettering our times. We were just there to have fun and complete a 5K covered in color or mud. In fact, we felt more accomplished by the amount of color or mud than our finish times.

I can’t run anymore. Part of me is sad about that and part is relieved. I never really liked running. I liked the accomplishment I felt as I met or exceeded personal goals. I liked the feeling of pushing my body beyond what I thought it could do. The actual training-type running (you know, out of bed early, just me, my iPod, and step counter), though, was not “fun.” It was hard work. Dodging color bombs with friends made it fun. Making an arduous task fun is worth the effort (and the entrance fee) every time.

The Bible often uses running as a picture of the Christian life. We are to run to God (Proverbs 18:10), run to win (1 Corinthians 9:24), run and not grow weary (Isaiah 40:31), and run unencumbered by sin (Hebrews 12:1). Paul says that because of Christ we do not run in vain. If Jesus Christ did not live and die and live again and save us, then our running would be in vain. Trudging through life’s mud and obstacles would serve no purpose, with nothing to exalt in at the finish line. But because Jesus does live, and we do have new life in him, we run this race as the best race of all—color, bubbles, crazy terrain, obstacles—all of that plus the help and fellowship of friends running with us. This life is the greatest race we could run, but the finish will be even better. Jesus will be there personally to put the medal around your neck and say, “Well done.”

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