Christmas Surprises

Kids, food, lights, music, gifts, glitter, princesses, toys, snow, decorations, surprises, more food. This Christmas had it all. One of the things I love about Christmas is the surprises revealed every time a gift is unwrapped. I love surprising others, and I love being surprised. This Christmas is without rival in the area of surprises.

While prepping our traditional Christmas brunch early Christmas morning, the doorbell rang. “Who could that be?” I asked out loud. My local children had already arrived. We were getting ready to sit down to brunch before Skyping with our son’s family in California. I thought the doorbell must be the next door neighbor.

But when I opened the door, the biggest and best surprise awaited me. There on my front porch on Christmas morning stood my California son with his wife and two little girls. My heart about burst. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My brain was trying to determine if what I saw was real or my imagination. How could this be? We had plans to Skype. Becky was working Christmas Eve. They would have had to put a lot of plans in place quite a while ago. No one let on at all, and I’m really good at sniffing out surprises. I picked up my granddaughter and hugged my son. They were real, and they were here.

We quickly set four more places at the table (and still had too much food). I kept glancing at them, not completely convinced they were really here. Following brunch, we passed out the presents. In the mayhem, I didn’t see every gift being opened and missed the looks on their faces. Did they like their surprises or not? But I did watch the four mobile grandchildren tear into theirs. From the delighted squeals, I’d say their surprises were good. But I still win for the best Christmas surprise of the year!

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