If I Had a Superpower…

It is supposed to be the “Endgame,” the last in the series of Avenger superhero movies, but we will see. With this latest saga set to come out this week, I got thinking about what superpower I would want to have.  There are some good ones – invisibility, super strength, super speed, suits that do super-cool things (like flying). I’ve always wanted to fly. And there are some superpowers that I wouldn’t want to have – spider webs that fly out of my wrists don’t do much for me. And I don’t want anything to do with bats (I know Batman not a Marvel character, but a superhero nonetheless).

Then, while my husband was massaging my neck and not quite hitting the right spot, it came to me. I would want to be able to feel what someone else is feeling. Not only would I be able to find the exact spot where my husband’s back needs rubbing, but I would also know how he’s feeling emotionally. Think of how super that would be!

But I want this super power to do a little more. When I touch someone, I want them to feel what I’m feeling, but only when I want them to, not every time I touch them. This would help me tremendously when I’m trying to explain to a doctor where my pain is, what it feels like, and where it falls on the scale. My semi-smiley face is someone else’s near-death frowny face. But if the doctor could feel it, it would be an unbiased, objective, consistent, face-value opinion.

I would also have an inner circle of people (of my choosing) who could share their feelings anytime, anywhere, no need to be close enough to touch. Just think of the good I could do. If someone is worried or afraid, I could reassure them. If someone is lonely, I could be there. If someone is overwhelmed, I could help carry their load. Weeks wouldn’t go by before I find that they needed help. I would know and react on the spot.

Maybe I am drawn to this superpower because my natural tendency is to be oblivious to the needs around me. Thankfully, there is One who has this superpower and exercises it regularly and liberally. He doesn’t hide his identity. His name is Jesus. He promised to be with us always. He sent His Spirit to live within us, so we are never separated from Him and His power. And he knows and understands everything about us. Before a word is on my tongue, He knows it. (Psalm 139:4 ESV)

Last week we celebrated Good Friday. I wonder if Satan thought it was the “Endgame” of all time, and he had won. How shocking it must have been to him on that first Easter morning. Jesus not only defeated Satan, but death itself. Now, there’s a superpower! And he offers to share immortality with all who will believe in Him. Looks like I do have a superpower. And it’s a superpower to end all superpowers! Thanks to Jesus, I will live forever. Wow! Step aside, Avengers, even you can’t beat this “Endgame.”

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